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I’m back.  heh.  Fucking eh..  Cool huh?


Me?  The Voice.  or if you’re feeling formal…  The Voice 666.

I’ve been kicking it online and on the West Coast for the last decade or so. You'll note from my feedback etc. I'm well thought of, and god damn good at what I do. Hell yes.

So now... Let me see...

Depending on who you talk to you’ll hear I’m…  A burn out and high piece of work.  A mother fucker.  Someone who is hard to work with.  A cock.  A cheap and funny fuckwit.  A bastard.  A dick…  A pervert and more.

Ya.  For the most part true.  Pretty much.

Here - Giant lib. of MP3s about me fucking with you.  For sissies, gurls, perverts and jerk offs.  Spring 14 - I’m about to redo the lib.  Been doing mainly hypno for the last couple of years.  Going to go back and add some of the new tales etc.  Note - most my work is based on my live exp. so when you think “wow…  that sounds real….” its b/c it is.  I live my work.  Honey.

And of course what would the world be without my world reknown hypnosis works.  heh.  Yes…  A true “natural…” and now backed by years of in depth study and real word practice…  If ya want I’ll even let ya call me Dr. you fuck.  Over and over.  Because it feels good.

Custom work?  I’ve recently added an assistant / production manager.  More on this soon.

Me?  51 now.  Shave head.  Full beard.  God Damn Old.  Mean.  6-3 280 lbs.  Former leg breaker and thug.  Sub to chicks.  Hard ass Alpha and top when it comes to lads.  For me its not so much a fantasy as a way of being…  Keep that in mind.  8.5 inch tool.  Thick.  Heavy cummer.  Been round the block…  a few times.  I enjoy my weed, my freedom and I love fucking you up and making your kinks…  worse.  Makes my dick drool.


Slow - Hypnosis Engine...  You'll like Slow...

"Top of the line..." &   "Best you can get." etc...

Ya...  I'm pretty proud of Slow.

Hypno - main.  Links to all the works etc.

Stories – Forced Fem & Sissy / Tranny etc.

Dressing you up and fucking you? Making you be “the girl?” and more. Sexy cunt. Come here.

Stories – M/M.

Sometimes its good to just get some dirty sexy time together, eh? Hell yes.

Stories – Forced Bi & Queer and Slutting you to losers etc.

The header image?  heh.  That is Logan with his roomies Toothbrush in his ass b/c I told him too.  Sexy eh?

Ya.  I have that sort of control over my puppets.


I did mention custom orders right?  So as example...  one of my clients...

Who wants some new hypno files...

Cool...  huh?